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Some Thoughts From Cyndi (9/19/05)

As I wait with eager anticipation for the weather to get cooler and the nights to get longer, I can't help but think about what it is that I love about the autumn. 

I love seeing the leaves changing color.  

I love the smell of woodsmoke and burning leaves. 

I love the crisp feeling in the air when you breath in that first cold snap of the season. 

I love all of the foods that only seem to be made in the cool weather - like soup, crusty bread fresh from the oven, thick bubbly stews, and pumpkin bread! 

I love dragging out all my sweaters and sweatshirts and deciding which of my favorites I will wear first this season. 

I love knowing that the fiirst white glistening snow of the season will not be too far away, and that the icky grey slushy snow of late January and February is still far in the future. 

I love cuddling on the couch on a Sunday afternoon staying warm under the covers with the whole family. 

I love the first scent of the stale air from the heater as it kicks on for the first time, reminding us of how lucky we are to have a home, a family that loves us, and the means and ability to provide that family with plenty of warmth, food and hugs!

I hope that this season will bring all of our family and friends the same joy, comfort and feelings of love that it does for me each year!

Other News

Shelby Turns One (8/31/05)

It is hard to believe an entire year has gone by, but gone by it has.  Shelby continues to grow strong and fast and is still our (not quite so) perfect angel!  We had her first birthday party on Labor Day weekend and she had a ball opening gifts and eating cake! (See Shelbyville for the end results!)  We could not have asked for a better, healthier little girl, and Brad and I continue to marvel at how lucky and blessed we were to get Shelby!

New Kitchen at the Jensen's (3/23/05)

We are finally almost finished with our new kitchen!!  Brad and I spent the weekend spakeling, taping, painting and cleaning to get everything ready for the new countertops that will be installed on the 1st.  With new gold walls, a new sink and faucet, and the beautiful moss colored counters, we will soon have the kitchen we always dreamed of.  The official unveiling will come sometime in the spring - details of our first BBQ to be announced soon!

Brad Has a New Job at BDC (3/10/05)

It finally happened!  Brad began his new job at Bill Doran Company, a competitor of his former employer Kennicott Brothers, on March 10.  He is having a ball at BDC and is especially gratefull that the company is supporting him in his efforts to win over business.  It seems the move was a perfect choice, and our whole family couldn't be happier that Brad is finally happier with where he is working!