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Introducing - Shelby Jensen

These are some of the best pictures we have so far...She is pretty photogenic if you ask us (and we are not biased at all!!)

6 months and Counting

Shelby's 6 month pictures were also her Easter pictures!  We got some adorable shots!  J.C.Penny's has the best studio photographers ever!!

At 5 months, Shelby's hair is still a great combo of blond, brown and red!  She still looks great in her red ginham overalls though!!

At one year, Shelby's curls are really starting to come through!  I just hope that she keeps that fabulous wave as she gets older!

Cake Anyone?

OK, so dainty she wasn't!  Actually, Shelby's first birthday cake started out great with her just picking at the icing.  Then all of the sudden she just dove in and before we knew it she was brown and blue all over!


Hello there!


Standing or flying...?