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Check back for updated pictures on November 12...

Brad, Cyndi and Arcie

Brad and I wanted Arcie to be at our wedding somehow, but we just couldn't figure out how.  So for our 1st anniversary, I superimposed this picture of us on our wedding day with a photo of Arcie, and had it put on a marble box for Brad to keep.

Brad and Cyndi - 8/03

This picture was taken at the Chicago reception for Dad and Jean's wedding.  It was at the Awana Club HQ, in Streamwood, IL.

John-John's Christening

Dena found the cutest little white suit for John-John to wear at his christening.

Jean at the Chicago Wedding Reception

The decorations at the Awana Club HQ were just beautiful for the reception, and Jean looked beautiful as ever!

John and John-John

This photo was taken at the Nelson family BBQ wedding shower that was thrown for Brad and I in 8/02.

The Kolosieki Kids

This family photo was taken just before Danielle's 4th birthday.  Katelyn is 3 months away from 6, and John is 15 months.

Dad J

This photo was taken at Kris and Darryl's brithday party in October 2003


Dawn hates having her picture taken and so is hard to get a picture of.  Sometimes we have to resort to getting them when she is hiding behind a birthday cake!


Kim is always the one taking the pictures, so I make a special effort to make sure we have pictures of her as well.


Darryl and Kristi

At their birthday party in October


Ever since Kim got her digital camera, Savannah has been such a photo hound!  She loves being able to see herself in the back of the camera after Kim shoots the picture!