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Oh, boy! My very own page!

Mom said I could have my very own page on the Jensen website, and I couldn't wait to show you all the pictures she takes of ME!  Aren't I cute???

Strolling Right Along

I just love taking walks with Shelby and Mom!  Shelby sits in that stroller there, and we can walk around our neighborhood!

Relaxing on the Couch!

I just LOVE sitting in the corner of the couch.  After six years, I finally have it settled in just the way I like it, and the pillows fit my head just perfect!

It's Christmas time again!

Mommy and me love taking pictures together, especially at Christmas-time.  This one was taken in 2000, about 6 months before we adopted Daddy!

Pooped after the Holidays

Ever had that feeling like you are just out of energy after the holidays?

I Thought THAT was Pooped?

I didn't know what pooped was until Shelby came along!  Me, Dad and Mom are up at all hours feeding, and changing and guarding!  Sometimes I just have to collapse on the couch for a good snooze!