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Brad and Cyndi

For those of you that don't know the story, here is the place to find it!  Brad and I met in April 2001 at a local karaoke bar called Dawn's Reef (now known as Sponge Reef) in Schaumburg, IL.  We talked the whole night away, finally parting ways at 4 am!  We had our first official "date" the following May and we've been together forever ever since.  Our engagement was officially announced in November 2001, and we were married, in the most beautiful ceremony ever, at Christ Church of Oakbrook on October 26, 2002.  In August 2004, we were blessed once again to have an addition to our family...Shelby Anne was born at 4:44 on August 31!


We spent the first half of 2004 preparing for Shelby Anne to arrive!  Between work, school and pregnancy I didn't have a lot of time for anything else!

Shelby has been with us since August 31, and we have been so blessed with her presence!  A practically perfect baby, Shelby has our full attention!

Immediate Extended Family

Cyndi and Brad Jensen (Arcie and the frogs!) and Shelby Anne


  • Jim and Jean Jensen
  • Kim Jensen (Tori)
  • Darryl and Kristi Jensen, Kendra and Savanna (Zoe and Scamp)
  • Dawn Zoellick, Cody and Amanda


  • Doug and Judy Nelson
  • Dena and John Kolosieki, Katelyn, Danielle, and John (Bud and Gunner)