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Time is Moving Too Quickly

OK, ok, so it has been a while since I was able to update this site!  I find the days keep getting shorter, with more and more things to fit into them...But the one thing that remains the same is our joy in our baby girl, Shelby!

Shelby turned one this past August and she had an absolute ball at her party!  As we move into the autumn season, she is moving from baby to toddler as she is beginning to learn how to walk, and has established a firm interest in the VCR and cable box - much to our chagrin!

We hope that this fall you will all find the joy that we have learned to see in the simple things of life!

Coming up at the Jensen's

10/7 - 10/9 - St. Charles Scarecrow Festival

10/15 - Darryl Jensen's Birthday

10/21 - Kristi Jensen's Birthday

10/26 - Brad & Cyndi's Anniversary
             Mom and Dad Nelson's Anniversary

10/31 - Halloween

11/6 - Katelyn Kolosieke's Birthday

11/16 - Dena Kolosieke's Birthday

11/19 - Cyndi Jensen's Birthday

11/24 - Thanksgiving

New Updates

  • All new News! 9/19/05
  • New photos in Shelby-ville! 9/19/05
  • New photos site wide! Including News, Arcie's Page and more!  11/04/04 


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